What were you thinking? Check out these REALLY bad Tattoos

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These Genius Memes will crack you up! ;)

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A Sensational (… & slightly weird) Face Swap Collection

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Another Comedy Gold Video Clip – The Condom Challenge

Our new Favourite Post Topic. Japanese Business Men Drunk!

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Man Sits Next To His Doppelganger On A Flight

Two strangers sat next to each other on the same flight only to discover that they are each other’s Doppelgangers. A surreal set of events. It looks like these types of crazy doppelganger meetings really do happen.

Damn you Autocorrect!! Here is 25 of the best ever

First came the mobile, then came text messaging, then came autocorrect. The rest of course is history. Yes, that wonderful scenario when you the message you meant to type gets magically changed into something completely random and

Think you like taking selfies? These crazy cats take it to a whole new level!

We all do it. Some more than others. Now that everyone has an HD camera in their pocket, “selfies” are quick and easy. But these people below have taken the art to whole new level of craziness! Why

10 must see, super-hot selfies Kim Kardashian should definitely include in her new book (of selfies)

Kim Kardashian is the undisputed queen of the selfie. I’m guessing she owns one of the sticks you can use to get really cool long shots on your selfies too. I don’t know what the technical name

Drunk Dude tries to Skate Home! …. Hilarious